Americans Against Trump: Resist!

We Want The WORLD And All The United States To Know That:

⚑ Donald Trump is a danger to the United States and to the world.
⚑ Donald Trump’s behavior has badly damaged the image of the United States in the world.
⚑ Donald Trump’s behavior appears dangerously irrational.
⚑ Donald Trump’s behavior is already grounds for impeachment.

But it gets worse. Trump has veered into the territory of evil actions.

It is evil to toy with nuclear armageddon.
It is evil to systematically separate children from their parents only because their parents were trying to illegally enter the United States.
It is evil to destroy the world for future generations by pulling out of the Paris Accords and reversing US environmental programs.
It is evil to try to destroy the relations of the United States with its allies, and to attempt to curry personal favor with long-time enemies of the United States.
It is evil to try to destroy the world economy by starting trade wars.

Sign one or some or all of the petitions listed below to impeach Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, we all live in this world —- it’s laugh or cry. Since there has been a lot to cry about, let’s try to laugh at it. Here’s a link to some of the spiked (unpublished) cartoons in which Rob Rogers criticized Trump, and which contributed to his being fired from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. There are several more good cartoons embedded in this article about Rogers.

Num signatures as of 4/28/19

NEED to IMPEACH 7,959,112
Impeach Donald J. Trump: The Million American Petition 296,009
Join the movement to stop Donald Trump! 37,220
Impeach Trump 367,842
Sign…: Congress must investigate sexual assault allegations against Trump 463,001
Launch an investigation into claims of sexual assault against Donald J. Trump 293,366

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